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2013 GLSRP Media Mentions

36 GLSRP Media Mentions in 2013

  1. 10/08/2013Making waves: Lifeguard training in Lake Michigan draws students from across U.S.
  1. 10/03/2013Surf lifeguard certification training begins Friday to help protect swimmers in rough waters
  1. 10/03/2013– Surf Lifeguard Course This Weekend – “I have seen the best and the worst that Lake Michigan has to offer,” said Geoffrey E. Kallimani of Gary, IN. “Lifesaving techniques are being updated on a regular basis and it’s important to sharpen new techniques in the open surf environment and build on existing skills.”

10/03/2013 – PR – Taking the Plunge” Documentary filmmakers to attend ISLA Surf Lifeguard Course in Holland, MI

09/23/2013 – PR – GLSRP to host ISLA “Surf Lifeguard Certification” course on Lake Michigan – The only open water / rough water course available on the Great Lakes

  1. 09/13/2013Shedd Aquarium Having fun while being safe in the Great Lakes
  1. 08/30/2013CBS 2 – Water-Safety Advocate: ‘Flip, Float And Follow’ When In Distress (With Evelyn Hernandez)

08/29/2013 – PR – One year anniversary of 8 Labor Day drownings approaches; 57 Great Lakes drowning’s to date in 2013; 319 since 2010

08/29/2013 – PR – GLSRP to host ISLA “Surf Lifeguard Certification” course in Holland, MI, Oct. 4-6.

  1. 08/21/2013– Special Report: Rip Currents Kill – GLSRP’s Bob Pratt and ABC’s Kim Chappel offer some lifesaving Great Lakes Water Safety tips in Lake Michigan.
  1. 08/19/2013– What’s the fastest way to rescue someone – “Just to Recap…” ATTEMPTING DROWNING RESCUES CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS. Each year people drown while attempting a rescue.
  1. 08/05/2013– Minnesota Sea Grant – Great Lakes Water Safety class heading to Duluth, MN Saturday, August 24.  Nearly 50 people have drowned in the Great Lakes since the year began. The first line of defense against these tragedies is knowledge! For more information contact: Jesse Schomberg, Minnesota Sea Grant,; (218) 726-6182
  1. 08/02/2013– Up North Live coverage – Survivor shares story to promote swim safety – He drowned last year at Vans Beach in Leland, MI but was rescued and survived. The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project performs beach safety classes as often as possible to teach people about the hidden dangers in any body of water.

07/31/2013 – PR – Beach Safety Classes coming to Leland and South Haven, MI.  Public Education a Must!

07/31/2013 – PR – Drowning survivor to speak at Aug. 1 Leland “Great Lakes Water Safety” class.

07/29/2013 – PR – 44 Great Lakes drownings to date in 2013; 306 since 2010.  17 of the 2013 drownings occurred on Lake Michigan since June 6.

  1. 07/26/2013– Los Angeles County Fire Department, Lifeguard Division shares GLSRP “Signs of Drowning” illustration on its Facebook page.
  1. 07/25/2013– Record Eagle coverage – Lake Michigan Drownings Spike – “At least 15 people died on Lake Michigan since June 6; prior to that date no drownings were reported this year – We had a slow start with the drownings this year due to a cold winter and spring, but now we are seeing a spike in the numbers,” Benjamin said. “Why? Because the water temps are in the 75-to-80 degree range. It’s perfect water to swim in, and when the wind blows, here come the waves.”
  1. 07/25/2013– MLIVE Ann Arbor, MI coverage – How to stay safe in the water: tips for swimming in Great Lakes, rivers and pools (Video 18:45 minutes); What are tips for keeping kids safe in the water? (Video 4:24 minutes)
  1. 07/25/2013– MLIVE Ann Arbor, MI coverage– What should I do if I start to struggle in the water? (Video 2:34 minutes)
  1. 07/25/2013– Holland Sentinel coverage – Lake Michigan College to offer water safety class August 3

07/22/2013 – PR – Great Lakes drowning’s continue to rise; 39 to date in 2013; 301 since 2010

07/22/2013 – PR – GARY, IN – GLSRP to present its education to Gary Youth Police Academy – “The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project’s personal drowning experiences, lifesaving presentation, and its personal rescue knowledge will give our youth an inside look at the possible beach hazards along our Lake Michigan shores,” said Patricia Nowak, Chief Indiana University Northwest Police Department.

  1. 07/17/2013– News 5 Cleveland, OH coverage – Swimmers say they didn’t notice ‘No Swimming’ signs at Cleveland’s Perkins Beach day after drowning – Tuesday’s drowning at Cleveland’s Perkins Beach marks the eighth drowning in Lake Erie so far this year. Since 2010, the lake has taken the lives of more than 50 people.  That’s according to the non-profit Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, which teaches others about water safety.
  1. 07/08/2013– SouthtownSTAR Chicagoland, IL news coverage – Tragedies’ lesson: Be water wary – A Chicago woman bravely shares her story of how she was rescued last summer off the shores of Lake Michigan while her boyfriend drowned.  A college student from Burbank vows to never again ride a Jet Ski after a broken leg suffered off the Indiana Dunes nearly led to hypothermia.  And a Matteson man works diligently to spare others the terror he experienced when he nearly drowned in 2010.  These are the faces of drowning, the stories of those who have been deeply touched by the water’s dark side — all frightening, some amazing. They are what compels us today to do our part to increase respect and understanding for Earth’s most precious resource.
  1. 07/02/2013– WZZM Holland, MI coverage – Who is most likely to drown in Lake Michigan? According to the statistics, 19 year old males are most likely to drown.  Sunday’s are the day of the week that a person is most likely to drown.
  1. 06/26/2013– Ozaukee Press Port Washington coverage – Surf rescue class a potential lifesaver, even for a denizen of the lakeshore – The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project opened my eyes to unsafe things I was doing and some simple things I can do to make it safer for family and friends to enjoy the lake.  About 70 people, including some Cub and Boy Scouts and several children, attended the three-hour program sponsored by the Port Washington Water Safety Advisory Committee. The committee plans to hold the program annually.
  1. 06/25/2013– WILX 10’s Coverage – Water Safety Tips That Could Prevent Drowning– Bob Pratt, says not enough parents understand [the signs of drowning], and it’s putting their kind in danger when they visit the pool or lake. “They’ll sit on the beach, and maybe read the paper, check their Facebook page,” Pratt said. “They think that, well, when their child gets into trouble, they’ll call out to them or wave to them, when really they cannot.”
  1. 06/25/2013– MLIVE Grand Rapids coverage – Dozens of drownings each year prompt Lake Michigan rip currents study – There were 101 drownings on the Great Lakes last year, 50 drownings in Lake Michigan alone, according to the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project.
  1. 06/22/2013– Northwest Indiana Times – Some 80 kids from the Portage YMCA and South Haven Boys & Girls Club heard about how to spot a person in distress in the water, what to do to assist them and how to not get in danger themselves when enjoying a day at the beach or pool. For the members of the South Haven Boys & Girls Club, that message hit home. “Cory Mcfry was one of our members and he went too far out and couldn’t get back. It was quite devastating on the club when he died. I think this program will impact the kids on what they need to do to stop it from happening again,” said Kristen Baker, staff member with the club.
  1. 06/22/2013– Portage Life – Community organizations united for a common cause – The event had an even greater importance for the Boys & Girls Club after the South Haven Club member Cory Mcfry was the victim of a tragic drowning last July.  “It really hit home with our club, our kids and our community,” Smiley said. “I think this is the beginning of a collaborative approach in the future to have an impact and really educate our kids on the importance of drowning prevention.”  The event was in partnership with the Portage Parks Department, GLSRP, DNR, Fire Department, and Coast Guard in collaboration with the Portage YMCA and Boys & Girls Club to host this Water Safety Expo for 80 children.

06/19/2013 – PR – Great Lakes Drowning’s continue to rise; 279 since 2010

06/19/2013 – PR – Portage, IN Water Safety Expo Friday, June 21 for Boys and Girls Club and YMCA

06/19/2013 – PR – Should Water Safety be in school curriculum?

06/13/2013 – PR – GLSRP Returns to Port Washington, WI, Sunday, June 23

06/07/2013 – PR – Updated Rip Current Survival Strategy, “Flip, Float, and Follow”

  1. 06/01/2013– WGN Chicago – Video – Drowning survivor warns others about water safety
  1. 06/01/2013– Northwest Indiana Times Coverage – A year after boyfriend drowns, woman aims to prevent lake tragedy; reunites with Fire Rescue Chaplain at water safety class – Evelyn Hernandez said her boyfriend, Leonel Dominguez, made a last-minute decision to buy an inflatable raft before they headed off last summer to a Beverly Shores beach to spend time in the water and watch the sunset.  The decision proved disastrous.
  1. 05/31/2013– PR – Drowning Survivor to Reunite with Rescue Chaplain – Drowning survivor, Evelyn Hernandez, will reunite with Chesterton Fire Department Chaplain, Rev. Lowell Black, at the “Great Lakes Water Safety” class that she is co-hosting, Saturday, June 1, 9:00 a.m. at the beautifully restored Marquette Park Pavilion, Gary, IN.
  1. 05/30/2013– WNDU’s TV Coverage of Great Lakes Water Safety Class – Should beach safety be part of school curriculum?


  1. 05/29/2013– Great Lakes Echo coverage – Great Lakes drownings down over last year

05/29/2013 – PR – Great Lakes drowning decreases and rescue increases.

05/28/2013 – PR – Drowning survivor, Evelyn Hernandez, is co-hosting a “Great Lakes Water Safety” class in partnership with the Gary Department of Public Parks, Saturday, June 1, 9:00 a.m. at the beautifully restored Marquette Park Pavilion, Gary, IN. “Hosting this class will help raise awareness for water safety on the Great Lakes and help others avoid this type of tragedy,” Hernandez said.  “By giving back, I hope this prevents future drownings.”

05/26/2013 – PR – New Buffalo Great Lakes Water Safety presentation for 300 students –“I believe in proactive education,” said Nora Howe, retired teacher and swimming coach.  “Teaching our kids this knowledge can save lives.” “Delivering our Great Lakes Water Safety curriculum to another school is a great opportunity to save lives on the Lakes,” said Dave Benjamin, GLSRP executive director.  “This is the size of audience that I wish we could present to seven days per week so we could eradicate Great Lakes drowning’s.”

05/26/2013 – PR – GLSRP’s “Signs of Drowning” Illustration in Army Safety Presentation –“This is a fantastic display to educate people on the signs of drowning,” said SGT John Hampton, Safety NCO at the U.S. Army Health Clinic Wiesbaden, Clay Kaserne, Wiesbaden, Germany.

05/21/2013 – PR – Lake Michigan drowning survivor to host water safety class – Sat., June 1, 9 a.m. at beautifully restored Marquette Park Pavilion, Gary, IN.

05/18/2013 – PR – 274 drownings since 2010; 101 of those were in 2012.  How many drownings will occur in 2013?  Please exercise hyper-vigilant water safety this summer.

  1. 05/18/2013– PR – High Number of Rescues on Great Lakes – 38 to date in 2013 (Plus 4 dogs and 1 deer).
  1. 04/24/2013– PR – Nearly 500 people attended the GLSRP’s “Water Safety Surf Rescue” classes in Port Washing, WI; If you stay afloat, you can survive; Flip, Float, and Follow
  1. 04/22/2013– PR – Obama praises Michigan students for Great Lakes rip current warning invention

04/20/2013 – PR – GLSRP debuts new water safety illustrations – Living up to its mission to reduce the number of Great Lakes drownings through training, public preparedness, and public awareness.

04/04/2013 – PR – GLSRP bringing Flip, Float, and Follow to Port Washington, WI, April 17, 2013. FFF – An effective psychological tool to avoid panic in a terrifying situation.

  1. 03/27/2013– PR – 101 Great Lakes Drownings in 2012; 262 since 2010 – “Great Lakes drownings are now at a ‘pandemic-like’ state,” said Dave Benjamin, executive director of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project. “These drowning fatalities should prompt communities to completely rethink beach and water safety programs.”
  1. 03/20/2013– A citizens crusade to save lives at the lake – A citizens group has worked with unflagging fervor in the nearly seven months since Tyler’s death in the waves along the north beach and is ready to launch an ambitious campaign that should go a long way toward preventing a repeat of a deadly lake accident.

The campaign will start April 17 with a presentation by the highly regarded Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project. Organized by the citizens group called the Port Washington Waterfront Safety Advisory Committee, with assistance from the Greater Port Washington Kiwanis Club, the program will teach fundamentals of survival and rescue in surf conditions typical of Lake Michigan. It’s a public event open to everyone.

This is crucial. Though an ever present fact of life in Port Washington, the lake remains a mystery to many residents, even as they are attracted to it by its beauty and recreational opportunities.  Besides rescue lessons, the program will provide a primer on the power of a Great Lake.

  1. 03/19/2013– PR – The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project will be presenting “Community Education: Progress and Priorities” April 12, 2013 at the Great Lakes Water Safety Conference, 610 South Wisconsin, Gaylord, Michigan. To attend, register by April 5, 2013.  The conference will address rip current and channel current safety in Lake Michigan.

03/18/2013 – PR – 101 Great Lakes drownings in 2012; 262 since 2010 – Major Beach Restoration Projects Underway (full Press Release).  The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project (GLSRP) announces its current drowning statistics. There were 101 drownings on the Great Lakes in 2012, and there are at least five drowning cases yet to be confirmed (four of those occurring in Chicago). Overall there have been 262 drownings on the Great Lakes since 2010 (87 drownings in 2011; 74 drownings in 2010).  “Great Lakes drownings are now at a ‘pandemic-like’ state,” said Dave Benjamin, executive director of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project. “These drowning fatalities should prompt communities to completely rethink beach and water safety programs.”

  1. 03/13/13 – Port Washington, WI – Park Memorial Honors Buczek, Dougherty – The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project will host education courses on April 17 and June 23, 2013.
  1. 03/13/13 – Port Washington, WI – Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project heading to Port Washington, WIApril 17 and June 23 Waterfront Safety Advisory Committee launches Lake Safety campaign
  1. 03/13/13 – Port Washington, WI – Lake Michigan Memorialfor two Port Washington, WI drowning victims, Tyler Buczek, 15 and Peter Dougherty, 23.