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2014 GLSRP Media Mentions

58 GLSRP Media Mentions in 2014

  1. 11/25/2014– Chicago Tribune – Family of drowned teen touched by community support
  1. 09/12/2014– MLIVE – Should public beaches along the Great Lakes in Michigan have lifeguards?
  1. 09/11/2014– Wood TV 8 – Teaching surfers how to handle rescues on Lake MI
  1. 09/10/2014– Wood TV 8 – VIDEO: Surfers rescue Lake Michigan kayaker
  2. 09/09/2014 – PR – Three Chicago Area Men Drown over weekend; The BIG PICTURE of Drowning; Nonprofit calling for Water Safety School Curriculum
  3. 09/04/2014 – PR – Ohio mom organizes three more water safety presentations in honor of her son; She’s also attending “Because I said I would” conference  in Columbus, Sept. 6 to launch “Water Safety School Curriculum” fundraiser
  4. 08/30/2014 – PR – Exercise hyper-vigilant water safety this holiday weekend; 375 Great Lakes Drownings since 2010; Tinley Park residents advocating water saf08/24/2014– PR – GLSRP selected for nonprofit booth at the inaugural “Because I said I would | ONE” conference, Saturday, September 6, Columbus, OH.
  5. 07/20/2014– Leland Fire Department Water Rescue Training. 33 Great Lakes Drownings in 2014; 363 since 2010.
  6. 06/28/2014– WWMT News Channel 3 – Staying safe in the water
  7. 06/26/2014 – PR – Indiana residents inspired by Mom of son who drowned in Lake Erie; Ogden Dunes water safety class scheduled for June 30
  8. 06/23/2014– Fox News 17 – Muskegon Group Raising Awareness About Water Safety
  9. 06/22/2014– Wood TV 8 – A day after the most recent drowning, a West Michigan organization already happened to have a class scheduled aimed at preventing situations like this and teaching others how to help in a water emergency – Muskegon’s Great Lakes Water Safety Class.  [The coverage of the class starts at 00:29.]
  10. 06/22/2014– Muskegon Chronicle – Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project hosts seminar, provides tips to prevent drownings
  11. 06/20/2014– WILX 10 – Seniors Learn How to Prevent downings
  12. 06/20/2014– TC Times – Great Lakes drowning incidents up – More than 300 have drowned in Michigan’s biggest lakes since 2010
  13. 06/18/2014– WGN 720 AM with Patti Vasquez – Summer Water Safety
  14. 06/18/2014–WBEZ’s Afternoon Shift with Niala Boodhoo 91.5 FM – Water safety tips for your summer beach tips
  15. 06/18/2014– Post-Tribune – [The recent drownings ] won’t be the last drowning victims this summer, especially because so much of Northwest Indiana borders Lake Michigan.
  16. 06/17/2014– ABC 7 – Jose Alcazar, 18, Drowns in Lake Michigan near Whiting, IN
  17. 06/17/2014– Chicago Tribune – Summer brings drowning dangers
  18. 06/16/2014– Lakeshore Public Radio – One unfortunate signs of summer is the rising number of drowning on Lake Michigan. We’ll talk about it.
  19. 06/13/2014– WNDU TV – Lake drownings up 64% since 2013+
  20. 06/13/2014– Record Eagle – Colder than average lake water could be dangerous
  21. 06/12/2014– Ludington Daily News – Dangerous currents training presented at Ludington State Park
  22. 06/12/2014– Michigan Radio – Big increase in the number of fatal drownings in the Great Lakes
  23. 06/11/2014– MLIVE – ‘Flip, Float & Follow’: Learn about dangerous currents at Great Lakes water safety class
  24. 06/10/2014– Fox 8 – Mother offers water safety classes after losing teenage son
  25. 06/09/2014– The News Herald – Madison Township woman helps to organize water safety classes in memory of son who drowned
  26. 06/09/2014– Star Beacon – Outdoors Insider, with Dale Sunderlin: ODNR beach safety classes on tap
  27. 06/08/2014– WGN TV – GLSRP Water Safety Tips & Beach hazard alert issued for Lake Michigan today
  28. 06/07/2014– CBS News Radio WBBM – Near-Drowning Inspires Man To Teach Water Safety Courses
  29. 06/06/2014– Post-Tribune – Be aware of Great Lakes’ hidden danger
  30. 06/06/2014– Shedd Aquarium – Great Lakes Beach Safety Awareness
  31. 06/05/2014– 19 Action News – Mom’s grief turns into useful initiative for community
  32. 06/05/2014– Star Beacon – “I didn’t know rip currents were possible in Lake Erie,” Zirkle said in the ODNR statement. “I never realized until it was too late for my son. Now I want to raise awareness and help others receive education about drowning prevention so they can safely enjoy the water.”
  33. 06/05/2014– The News-Herald – Beach safety, rescue classes set coming up in Lake, Ashtabula counties
  34. 06/04/2014 – PR – Great Lakes Drownings up 69%; 2 Great Lakes Water Safety Classes in Chicago this weekend
  35. 06/03/2014– Elkhart Truth – One missing, two found dead in Michiana lakes and rivers in the past few days – Since May 18, there have been 11 people who drown in Lake Michigan alone, according to the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project.  Since 2010, there have been 47 people have drowned in the Great Lakes (74 in 2010; 87 in 2011; 101 in 2012, and 68 in 2013).
  36. 06/02/2014– Vivelo Hoy – Campaña salvavidas en el lago Michigan [Life in Lake Michigan Campaign]
  37. 06/02/2014– WKZO –  This is Rip Current Awareness Week in Michigan, as swimmers are reminded of the dangers they face in the waters of the Great Lakes.
  38. 06/02/2014– Great Lakes Echo – New weather buoys join network that protects Great Lakes swimmers
  39. 06/01/2014– Lake County News-Sun – Free class focuses on keeping swimmers safe
  40. 05/30/2014 – PR – Great Lakes Drownings up 55% over last year; Families and Friends of Drowning Victims Unite at Shedd Aquarium; Chicagoland Great Lakes water safety classes scheduled for first week in June.
  41. 05/28/2014– Ozaukee Press – Water Safety Day returns this weekend – Annual event Saturday to feature variety of activities, including surf rescue programs, at Veterans Memorial Park
  42. 05/27/2014– Media Advisory –Great Lakes Water Safety Advocates Working in Concert to Save Lives – Several water safety events planned for Chicagoland area in first week of June
  43. 05/24/2014 – PR – 06/07 & 06/08 Chicago Great Lakes Water Safety Classes
  44. 05/24/2014 – PR – 06/01 Waukegan Great Lakes Water Safety Class
  45. 05/19/2014– LCC Radio WLNZ 89.7  Executive Director of Education, Bob Pratt, interview (Interview starts at 19:35)
  46. 05/14/2014– Ozaukee Press – Water safety to take spotlight at middle school – Port Washington, WI
  47. 05/08/2014– WBBM News Radio 780 AM – Drowning Victim’s Parents Help Teach About Dangers Of Rip Currents
  48. 05/08/2014– Tinley Park Patch– In Memory of Matt: Water Safety Education an ‘Energizer’ for Couple Who Lost Son
  49. 05/07/2014– ABC 7 – Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project educates students for safer swimming
  50. 05/07/2014– Southtown Star – In Matt’s memory, and to help others avoid similar tragedies, the Kochers teamed up with the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project to bring water safety education to students at Andrew High School in Tinley Park Wednesday. #glsrp #MK56
  51. 05/06/2014– Tribune Local – Andrew H.S. hosts water safety lesson in memory of drowned student
  52. 05/03/2014– Great Lakes Water Safety Presentation Wednesday, May 7, at Victor J. Andrew High School, Tinley Park, IL.
  53. 04/19/2014– Lake Erie boater precaution: cold water could kill
  54. 04/08/2014– Now scheduling Great Lakes Water Safety Classes for spring and summer… Call now!
  55. 03/31/2014– School drownings rare, but not unprecedented
  56. 03/19/2014– TV talk show panelist ready to go for a water safety episode! To Combat the Great Lakes Drowning Epidemic – 328 Drownings since 2010
  57. 03/15/2014– THE ASSOCIATED PRESS – Michigan woman motivated by son’s drowning receiving national award for marine-safety efforts
  58. 03/15/2014– Vicki Cech, Grand Haven mother whose son drowned in rip current, to receive national community lifesaver award
  59. 03/13/2013– Get out, but not on Lake Michigan – No ice is safe ice – “There’s a lot of misinformation out there about how long you can survive if you fall through the ice. If you have flotation, it’ll be about an hour before you succumb to hypothermia,” Pratt explained. “The experts use the ‘1-10-1’ rule.” The 1-10-1 rule is an easy way to remember the typical effects of being submerged in super cold water.  “For the first minute, your breathing becomes uncontrollable. Without flotation, you’ll drown. After that first minute, you’ll get your breathing under control, and you’ll have about 10 minutes of purposeful movement,” Pratt explained. “After 10 minutes, you’ll need help being rescued. Then, hypothermia takes about an hour or so before it becomes life-threatening.”
  60. 03/04/2014– Grand Haven mother wins award over a decade after losing son to rip current
  61. 03/03/2014– Grand Haven’s Vicki Cech to Receive National Lifesaver Award
  62. 03/01/2014– Lake Watch – Surfers enjoy extreme sport, help save lives
  63. 02/10/2014Thirteen-year-old Jermaine Marcus Zirkle drowned in Lake Erie in July, leaving his mother, Melissa, with a fire in her heart to create a legacy for her son. She’s organizing GLSRP water safety and drowning prevention classes in June – possibly six classes between Conneaut and Mentor, Ohio.