National Drowning Prevention Alliance
     “Lifesaver of the Year” Award 2012 & 2020
        “Community Lifesaver” Award 2016 & 2018

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GLSRP Water Safety Materials

Feel Free to download Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project water safety materials and distribute in your communities! If you have any questions, contact Dave Benjamin, 708-903-0166,

GLSRP 4-Fold Brochure – Inside

GLSRP 4-Fold Brochure – Outside

GLSRP Water Watcher Card – Front

GLSRP Water Watcher Card – Back


GLSRP – Signs of Drowning Illustration

GLSRP Flip, Float, and Follow Illustration


Cold Air Over Warmer Water Will Create Larger Waves

Wave Dynamics – Sample Ocean Wave 15 Second Period

Wave Dynamics – Sample Great Lakes Wave 3 Second Period 

Generic Beach Diagram – No Wind and No Waves

Generic Beach Diagram – Northwest Winds and Waves = Dangerous Currents Working in Concert.