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In the News – Flip, Float, and Follow

The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project’s

2012 Summer News Coverage of the Michigan Sea Grant’s

Flip, Float, and Follow” Rip Current Survival Campaign



GREAT LAKES, USA – The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project (GLSRP) endorses the updated Rip Current Survival Strategy created by the Michigan Sea Grant titled, “Flip, Float, and Follow”. [Similar to the fire safety technique, “Stop, Drop, and Roll” if you ever catch on fire.]

The GLSRP has promoted the “Flip, Float, and Follow” rip current survival strategy through its “Water Safety Surf Rescue” classes this summer and it has received over 30 media mentions (Listed below). The GLSRP even presented this updated rip current survival strategy to an international audience at the 2nd International Rip Current Symposium Nov. 1st, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. 

How to use the “Flip, Float, Follow” Rip Current Survival Strategy
1. FLIP:
Flip over onto your back and float. 

A. Float to keep your head above water.
B. Float to calm yourself down from the panic and fear of drowning.
C. Float to conserve your energy. 

While you are floating, you are following the current. Follow the current to assess which way it is pulling you.  Then swim perpendicular to the currents flow until you are out of it and then swim toward shore. If you are too tired to swim to shore, continue to float and signal someone on shore. Also, the waves may eventually bring you back to shore. 

–As long as you are floating, you are alive.
–As long as you are struggling or fighting the current, you are drowning – Conserve your energy and do not do the Signs of Drowning. 

1. 06/03/2012 St. Joseph, MI
2. 06/23/2012 Frankfort, MI
3. 06/24/2012 Ogden Dunes, MI
4. 07/11/2012 Coloma, MI Firefighters Association
5. 07/21/2012 Duluth, MN
6. 07/29/2012 Washburn, WI
7. 08/04/2012 South Haven, MI
8. 08/05/2012 Grand Haven, MI
9. 08/13/2012 Coloma, MI (Private class for a family reunion)
10. 08/19/2012 New Buffalo, MI
11. 09/02/2012 Sheboygan, WI