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Beach Safety Classes – Leland & South Haven


Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project
Dave Benjamin, Executive Director of Public Relations, 708-903-0166
Bob Pratt, Executive Director of Education, 517-643-2553

Beach Safety Classes coming to Leland and South Haven, MI

 Public Education a Must!

Leland & South Haven, MI – The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project (GLSRP) will be leading its “Great Lakes Water Safety” class in Leland and South Haven, Michigan this week. 

“We live in a community where we are surrounded by water,” said Susan Och, Leland Parks and Recreations Commission. “Our community and students need to know how to make informed decisions about risky situations. We need to know what to do if we get in trouble in the water and how to best help others without endangering ourselves.  If we can understand “Stop, drop, and roll”, we can also learn how to Flip, Float, and Follow.

The Leland class will be Thursday, August 1, 6:30 p.m. at the Old Art Building, 111 S Main Street. A beach and water class will follow the classroom.

“The Police Department has always put a lot of importance into water safety,” said Adam DeBoer, South Haven Police Dective.  “All vehicles in the department have water rescue equipment and all personnel have been trained in water rescue.  We are excited to have the surf rescue class provide additional safety training for the people of South Haven and the surrounding communities.”

The South Haven class will be Saturday, August 3, 9:30 a.m. at Lake Michigan College, South Haven Campus, 125 Veterans Blvd., and the Water Session will be at South Haven Beach.

These “Great Lakes Water Safety” classes are FREE and OPEN to the public.  Interested people can RSVP at or contact Dave Benjamin at 708-903-0166.  The classes will teach participants how to recognize the danger of the surf environment, recognize the “Signs of Drowning”, understand dangerous currents, and dangerous currents survival strategies.


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 The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, Inc. (GLSRP) is about saving lives.  It is a nonprofit corporation that is a Chapter of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) that tracks drowning statistics and teaches “Great Lakes Water Safety” classes on the Great Lakes.  Become a member of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project.

 The GLSRP presented at the NDPA’s 12th Annual Symposium, March 14, 2013, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  It presented at the 2nd International Rip Current Symposium Nov. 1st, 2012 in Sydney, Australia; the 2012 winner of the “Outstanding Service to the Great Lakes Community” award presented by the Dairyland Surf Classic; the 2011 “Lifesaver of the Year award winner; and presented at the NDPA’s 11th Annual Symposium in San Diego, March 9, 2012.