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Tracking Drowning Statistics defined

The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project (GLSRP) started tracking Great Lakes drowning statistics because no other agency has taken such leadership. We currently track Day, Date, Name, Sex, Age, Location, and Cause in our drowning statistics.
Coming soon – Great Lakes Drowning Reporting Database
Because the Great Lakes consist of eight states, five lakes, two countries and 10,000 miles of coastlines, drowning reporting requirements are inconsistent and vary from country to country, state to state, and county to county; i.e. what may be considered a drowning in one county may not qualify as a drowning in a neighboring county. The GLSRP is on a mission to create a unified Great Lakes Drowning Reporting Database to gather information pertaining to drowning incidents to increase the accuracy of tracking Great Lakes drownings.
This database will include information about the weather conditions, water conditions and the victim through an online questionnaire. The questionnaire will include the date, location, time, victim name, age, ethnicity, language, hometown, swimming ability, air temperature, water temperature, wind direction, wind speed, wind gusts, wave height, warning flag color (if applicable), rip current related, rip current warnings;. 

The Eight States:
1. Minnesota – Lake Superior
2. Wisconsin – Lake Michigan & Lake Superior
3. Illinois – Lake Michigan
4. Indiana – Lake Michigan
5. Michigan – Lake Michigan, Lake Huron & Lake Erie
6. Ohio – Lake Erie
7. Pennsylvania – Lake Erie
8. New York – Lake Erie and Lake Ontario  

The Five Lakes:
1. Lake Superior
2. Lake Michigan
3. Lake Ontario
4. Lake Erie
5. Lake Huron
The Two Countries:
1. United States of America
2. Canada